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Key Cases

In deciding whether to instruct a solicitor, the cost of the service is, of course, very important but it is also important that you have every confidence that your solicitor has the relevant experience to assist you. In Scotland, the Scottish Court Service reports cases which are of some note or complexity. Solicitors at Thompson Family Law have a number of reported cases which are of legal significance and complexity. It is important to know that when you instruct a solicitor in a complex legal matter, they have the track record and ability to deal with the cases. We certainly have that and it’s what we do. Some of our notable cases are detailed below.

Divorce Key Cases 

M v. M

This was a high-value divorce case where there had been a suggestion of alienation of assets. Michael Thompson was the principle solicitor for one of the parties. This case is the leading case on the use of section 18 of The Family Law (Scotland) Act 1985 which deals with settling aside of transactions which amounts to an alienation of assets.

AF v. AF

A high value divorce action where one of the parties attempted to obtain a divorce in a foreign jurisdiction to avoid any financial provision in the Scottish jurisdiction. Michael Thompson successfully argued that the foreign decree of divorce should not be recognised in Scotland.

DM v. JM

A complex divorce case which involved three children, handled by Michael Thompson.

AF v. AF

This case sought out to determine if the parties had in fact already divorced, evidencing a judgement from High Court in Islamabad, Pakistan. The pursuer did not dispute the divorce, however, argued that they had little involvement in the proceedings, hence the bringing of the case.

Child Relocation Key Cases

Ross v. Ross

In this case, we acted on behalf of a father to prevent his child from being relocated to the USA; Michael Thompson successfully halted the relocation. Click through for further information on this case.


This case saw a child being relocated to Northern Cyprus without the father’s permission: Michael Thompson was successful in the prevention of relocation. Click through for further information on this case.

Contract Key Cases

Elizabeth Miller v. Smith and Others

A key case concerning the validity of verbal contracts in relation to land. Click through for further information on this case.

John Grey v. Roderick Macneil

This was an important case as it clarified that there can be damages for breach of contract, even with a defective lease agreement in place. Click through for further information on this case.

Promontoria (Henrico) Limited v. Portico Holidings and Others

This case was key in clarifying the correct procedural steps for effecting repossession of properties in Scotland. Click through for further information on this case.

Southern Rock insurance v Hardar Hafeez

This case looked at insurance comparison websites, and issues relating to insurance misrepresentation. Click through for further information on this case.

Employment Law Key Cases

Grubb v. Shannon

An interesting case of a hairdresser, and vicarious liability through employment: liability for the wrongful acts of others. Click through for further information on this case.

Fatal Accident Key Cases

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