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Client Testimonials 

"I would like to thank you for all the help you have given us throughout this process. Mike, my husband, found Thompson Family Law on Google, and from my initial conversation with you, I felt totally confident that we had made the right choice. All my dealings with you, and your office staff, have been extremely efficient and all my queries have been dealt with immediately. It really has been a pleasure working with you."

"Thanks for all your help. I'd definitely recommend you to anyone I know who's moving home."

"Sylvia’s professionalism is outstanding. She is available on the phone and via email whenever required. This was of great reassurance when I needed her advice and some updates. Having a top class solicitor is a recipe for smooth conveyancing. And Sylvia fitted just this definition. I highly recommend her as I did with my nephew who is now using her superb services. Merci, Sylvia!"

"I just wanted to send you a wee email to say how happy I was with your service, you were straight to the point and got everything sorted for me in no time, I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you for everything.

Sylvia has been critical in enabling us to successfully complete our house purchase Thanks to her ability to adapt very quickly to an unforeseen issue Sylvia has provided us with the appropriate legal advice and very much needed reassurance. She then managed to turn things around with outstanding pace. We wouldn’t be in our dream home today without her professionalism, thoroughness and diligence. We are sincerely grateful for Sylvia and would highly recommend her"

"Johnny is a miracle worker! I petitioned for divorce in England and my husband immediately responded with a petition in Scotland. As we last lived together there I knew that the law was clear that the petition should proceed in Scotland.

But with two small, sickly children, two jobs, two elderly parents with health problems (with whom we live) plus Covid-19, it would not have been possible for me to get to the north of Scotland from the south of England for court hearings. I was still traumatised from my abusive marriage, and very very anxious that the court might order me to do the impossible. I also wanted the proceedings to go ahead in England as I knew I would get a better outcome financially here.

Johnny responded to my initial on-line enquiry almost instantly with a phone call. He explained clearly and reassuringly what I needed to do next and I felt I was in safe hands. Before the jurisdiction hearing, he was realistic and warned me not to get my hopes up as he certainly couldn't guarantee a successful outcome. So when he rang to tell me that he had written a persuasive document for the judge and his arguments had won the day, I was overjoyed and so relieved.

I can't thank Johnny enough. He is clearly a busy and ethical solicitor as another may have tried less hard in order to keep the work for himself in Scotland. I will be forever grateful and highly recommend him to anyone needing a family solicitor, especially for a difficult case.

"My wife was referred to Mr Johnny Thompson by a friend who thought Thompson Family Law would be able to assist in a matter concerning a refusal by DVLA to grant her a driving License. This followed the expiry of a disqualification period for drink driving through alcohol abuse. She had mental health issues. DVLA refused her application on grounds of alcohol dependency when the medical reports were to the contrary.

Mr Thompson ingathered supporting evidence and took her case to court. DVLA reversed their decision first time. We were expecting a prolonged fight with several court dates. He won at the first hearing. From the outset, we were very impressed by his focus on the weakness of DVLA’s decision and the manner in which he said he would be conducting his challenge. He kept us closely informed at all stages explaining clearly what he intended to present to the court.

Without being overly optimistic, Mr Thompson gave hope to my wife throughout which helped her state of mind. We are so very grateful to Mr Thompson and his firm for achieving this outcome for us. The effect on my wife’s health has been transformational. Normal life is being restored. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his firm. They are first-class."

"The updated wills that Sylvia arranged for us arrived in the post the other day. On checking the new details that we asked you to arrange for us, all looks good. We would like to thank you for your expert advice when we talked to you on the phone and your kindness and patience shown towards us on the video link call that you arranged to witness our signatures. All you did for the two of us was very much appreciated."

"This was my first contact with legal services and Sylvia Line put me totally at ease. She was responsive and attentive to my needs. She was very flexible and due to certain circumstances came to my home which helped alleviate anxiety. Her communication skills and attention to detail are impeccable . She explained everything clearly and kept me up to speed at every stage. I cannot fault her professionalism and would highly recommend ."

"My experience with both Mr Michael Thompson and Mr Johnny Thompson has been one of dedication and support whether day or night, weekends too. Traveling distances and giving help and advice when I have needed it. I am not alone as it was a different client who said to me when leaving their Court session that the firm Thompson Family Law was a good one. This only increased my confidence. The advise that I have received has been to the point, difficulties explained clearly. This is what I needed to hear and am thankful to Mr Thompson for his candidness.  

The quality of work carried out by Thompson family Law Solicitors both in Court session and Submission has in my opinion been exceptional. I would not be at the point I am today without Mr Michael Thompson, Thompson Family Law Solicitors."

 I was first introduced to Thompson Family Law through the Civil Legal Aid Office in Inverness after no local solicitors in the Highlands were able to take up my personal injury case. Thompson Family Law answered the call and were dedicated from the get go, starting with the end in mind to achieve the best outcome. I had suffered three broken ribs after being attacked outside my home during a Digger & Chainsaw Assault. Mr Thompson successfully prosecuted my attacker. Michael was superb at distilling all the important facts. I was so impressed with how quickly Mr Thompson grasped my case. Mr Thompson's detailed analysis of the CCTV revealed a key piece of evidence which my family and I hadn't noticed, even after watching the horrendous footage of the Digger & Chainsaw Assault several times. It was obvious I needed to get justice, I needed a professional and Thompson Family Law were top of the list. Thompson Family Law are pursuing all the defamatory statements and communicating my losses to the court including the huge impact these had on my life, career and family relationships. Their main office is based in Glasgow and the staff there are brilliant, always polite, attentive and professional.

You can call and speak over the phone, email and have face to face meetings. They keep you up-to-date with all the progress of your case and if you wish to learn more about the various motions they make on your behalf at court, they provide you with the relevant case law. This shows how thorough and well prepared this firm are. I have also had the privilege to meet some of the other solicitors at the firm like Johnny and Shelley. They have always had my best interests at heart. I would highly recommend Thompson Family Law and I continue to count upon them for the future. Thompson Family Law get to the root of your problems, with a trunk of relevant cases to support your case, they know the correct branch of the law to pursue, growing in strength as your case proceeds and stand tall in the courts reaching for the light. I am delighted to be represented by Thompson Family Law and look forward to a brighter future."

"Very positive experience from start to finish. I found Michael to be a very calming influence during a difficult period in my life. I was instantly put at ease and I had 100% confidence in Michael. From the outset, his knowledge and experience reassures you that you are in safe hands. Communication throughout the process was excellent, very clear and I had regular updates on the progress of my case. I couldn't be happier, I was delighted with the outcome and I would highly recommend Michael and Thompson Family Law."

"I would sincerely recommend Johnny Thompson and the law firm to everyone. They are diligent, caring and definitely get the job done. He has helped me to gain custody of my two young grandsons when Care and Learning (Social Work Dept) were determined that due to my age, I was not suitable to care for the boys. He is unperturbed by the behaviour of social workers and there are so many grandparents out there who have been denied the opportunity to step in and help because of being over 60. This firm saw me as a person and not just as someone who was past it. I cannot praise them enough....."

"Michael Thompson’s Law firm was recommended to me by Women’s Aid. I must admit at first I was reluctant to change lawyers due to my past experience. However, I am now glad that I did. Throughout the proceedings, I have found Michael to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest. He is very compassionate, whenever he arrived at court, I immediately felt a sense of relief knowing that I was in the best hands. That feeling carried over with every email, call, and interaction. I have had Michael calling me out of work hours during times of emergencies. I remember one time I had a court hearing and there was some information raised which I needed to discuss with Michael before the hearing the next day. Michael was at the funeral, however, he managed to squeeze me into his schedule for a telephone appointment to discuss the matter. His knowledge and skilful is remarkable, he was brilliant in his representation of me and for the first time, he is the only Lawyer that has managed to expose my opponent personality in court without me instructing him. This is one of the things I had raised with and instructed previous lawyers to do however with no success. For the first time, I feel my case is in adept and trustworthy hands. I also find Michael’s staff are very helpful and professional especially Stacey and Claudia whom I have had a chance to communicate with. I highly recommend Michael for anyone requiring legal service for child custody."

"I have dealt with solicitors for a very long time and your company is the absolute best I have ever had. My life has changed dramatically since you dealt with my issues. I’m finally free! I finally have a life! I’m out running, shopping... I’m living again! I even climbed the highest mountain in Britain!!! Oh I could go on and on ... I love you all so much for what you have done for me and my boys ... I will never be able to thank you all enough."

 "I have used Thompson Family Law since March 2012: I had a very complicated civil case and the solicitors at the firm dealt with it very professionally. I was kept up to date at every point in my case. Mr Johnny Thompson took over my case at the final stages as my original solicitors was due in court for another case at the same time as mine. I was concerned at first that getting another solicitor might cause problems, but there was no problem at all. Mr Johnny Thompson had studied my case before he met with me, and knew exactly what he was doing. I won my case! If I was giving this firm a rating, it would definitely be 10/10."

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