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£12 million investment into the Adoption Support Fund

The government announced that thousands more families with adopted children are set to benefit from additional support after a special fund, named the Adoption Support Fund, received a boost of £12 million last month – bringing the total investment into the fund to £149 million since its introduction in 2015.

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Adult Adoption Goes Before Parliament

Earlier this year a 28-year-old Nathan Sparling made the headlines when he launched a bid for legislative change to allow adults to be adopted by someone who raised them. The reason behind his push for legislative change captured the hearts of the nation. Nathan never knew his dad but was brought up by his mum and her partner from the age of 12. He called her partner dad and had an excellent relationship with them. He wants to be able to be adopted by him as an adult as a way of thanking him for all he done for him growing up.

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Scottish Dads Working in Low-Income Jobs are Less Likely to Take Paternity Leave

A new study has revealed that new fathers in Scotland feel too embarrassed and even worried to use the paternity rights that are on offer to them when their partner gives birth to a child.

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Scottish Parliament to Vote on Smacking Ban

The Scottish Parliament could soon be one of many governments to pass legislation to make it a criminal act to smack a child as a means of punishment. Previous countries to have passed the legislation include Spain, Norway and Portugal. However, if successful Scotland would be the first in the UK to outlaw it. The idea has been mooted for many years now but formal discussions will now take place before parliament following a bill lodged by Green MSP John Finnie which has received government backing. While on the face of it a step in the right direction, there are many with concerns.

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Adoption Reform

A son wanting his step father to adopt him, it’s a regular occurrence in Scotland. However, one such case has hit the headlines in recent weeks and has resulted in a petition being lodged with the Scottish Parliament. Why all the fuss? Well the son in question is no longer a child but is aged 27.

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