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The recognition of Islamic marriage in divorce law

Earlier this month, the High Court in London ruled that a marriage under Islamic Law is under the scope of marriage law in England. While it was found to be within the scope of marriage, it was found that it would be void under marriage rules.

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Increasing numbers of couples participating in post-nuptial agreements

It is no longer the case that most married couples agree to split their assets down the middle in the event of a divorce. Increasingly, couples are drawing up post-nuptial agreements, sometimes even well into their marriage. These post-nuptials often come as a result of a large financial event such as a windfall.

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Man looking to change the law to be adopted by his stepfather

A 27-year-old man is working hard to change the law to make it possible to be legally adopted by his stepfather.

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Home Office cancels Libyan woman's dreams of starting a family


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Man divorced by wife while he was on holiday

An ex-sheriff who was divorced by his wife without his knowledge has asked a judge to scrap the ruling, which was passed while he was on holiday in India.

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