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January sees busiest divorce day of the year in Scotland


Family lawyers across the country have been preparing for a large number of inquiries over the next few days from couples who are ready to divorce following an unenjoyable festive season spent together.

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Scottish BMX star's life to be made into a film

John Buultjens was put into care in Scotland when he was only 7 years old. Buultjens was taken into care after he attempted to attack his abusive father, in a bid to protect his mother. Now, a world famous BMX star, he is set to play a role as his own abusive father in a film which is being made about his life.

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Women may end up worse off under divorce laws in Scotland than their counterparts in England, according to a team of legal experts

Consensus Collaboration Scotland (CSS) are a network of lawyers, financial experts and family consultants who specialise in dealing with divorce settlements made out of court. They say that women may find themselves worse off because of Scots divorce law, despite the Scottish system being accepted as fairer than the rest of the UK.

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Majority of Muslim women in the UK married in Islamic ceremonies denied legal rights

A survey has found that 60% of women in the UK who have been married in a traditional Muslim wedding ceremony do not have their marriages legally recognised. This means that they are left without protection and rights.

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Couples living together warned of the myth of 'common law marriage'

A family law group has warned that millions of couples who live together unmarried could be unaware of their rights should their relationship break down.

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