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Driving Licence Appeals Solicitors Glasgow, Coatbridge & Edinburgh

If you have been refused a driving licence or had your licence revoked, we may be able to help. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency have a statutory duty to issue, refuse and revoke driver’s licences where appropriate. You can have your driving licence revoked or refused for various reasons, but most commonly it is on the grounds of safety. Revocation or refusal can happen when a person or their GP informs the DVLA of a medical condition that could affect driving, or where the Police have concerns regarding the person’s ability to drive following an accident. The Police may also inform the DVLA when a person is convicted for an alcohol or drug related offence.

Appeals Against Decisions on Health Grounds

All drivers have a legal duty to disclose medical issues to the DVLA that could affect their ability to drive safely. This usually includes conditions or diseases which cause permanent or temporary dizziness, fits, seizures, loss of consciousness or vision impairment. There are many other conditions including heart conditions or cancers which can be viewed as risky for driving. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will assess whether a driver represents an excessive risk to others if a licence is issued. Our solicitors have dealt successfully with many appeals on driving licence decisions, and can help you to appeal [link to summary appeal page] to either shorten your ban or remove it altogether.

The DVLA has become more cautious in the aftermath of the Glasgow bin lorry tragedy, where a lorry driver lost consciousness whilst at the wheel tragically killing six people and injuring 15 in 2014. Subsequent medical tests confirmed a diagnosis of Autonomic Mediated Syncope, where a dip in blood pressure levels can cause blackouts. Mr Clarke, who had been working as a professional driver for most of his career, had previously fainted whilst driving a bus and had a history of dizziness dating back to 1976. None of this was reported to his current employer. It is more likely in the aftermath of this tragedy that a driver with serious medical issues will face a licence revocation from the DVLA as more stringent checks have been put in place to prevent such an incident happening again.

Key Cases

Jonathan Anderson v DVLA  

This was an appeal against the decision to remove a driver’s licence. The case raised important issues because the DVLA decided to grant a new driver’s licence to the appellant. 

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