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Women's Aid, Scotland

As a firm we work directly with Women’s Aid organisations. We have worked with Women’s Aid organisations throughout Scotland, including in Edinburgh, Stirling and Dunfermline.

Unfortunately when a women requires to seek assistance from Women’s Aid, this is generally following some form of domestic abuse. We regularly obtain interdict which is a court order offering protection from harassment and abuse.

In addition to domestic abuse, there are normal difficulties in respect of Residence (referred to in other countries as custody, where the child resides) and Contact (Child Access) of any children of the relationship. We also assist in all aspects of SeparationDivorce and other legal matters. We also offer Legal Aid to any of our clients who qualify.

Contact our Domestic Abuse and Women's Aid Solicitors Glasgow, Coatbridge, Airdrie, Shetland

At Thompson Family Law we are aware of how quickly these matters need to be addressed and can offer urgent assistance and we have experience in working directly with Women’s Aid organisations throughout Scotland. We have Solicitors available to assist in our Glasgow offices. Contact us today by completing our online enquiry form or calling us on 0141 404 6575

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