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Scottish BMX star's life to be made into a film

John Buultjens was put into care in Scotland when he was only 7 years old. Buultjens was taken into care after he attempted to attack his abusive father, in a bid to protect his mother. Now, a world famous BMX star, he is set to play a role as his own abusive father in a film which is being made about his life.

John, who is now 45, said the reason he chose to play the role of his father in the film is that he thought he would be able to act the role more truthfully than any actor.

He said that he found it incredibly difficult to play the role of his father, as it means that he had to dive into becoming someone who was ‘vicious’ and ‘evil’. Despite the difficulty he found in playing the role, he said it was rewarding to know that he is nothing like the character he played.

Buutljens tried to stab his father with a kitchen knife

John, who is from Drumchapel in Glasgow, said that the first thing he can remember about spending time with his father is when he was thrown into an electric fire when he was only three years old.

He said that the fire had no guard on it and that his foot ended up stuck in between two bars. To this day, he says, he remembers the smell of burning flesh, as well as that of the sock that melted to his foot.

John said that he feels distant from the violence and abuse he suffered as a child, like he experienced them through a film or a book. He says, however, that he has the scars to prove that this is not the case.

Not long before Christmas 1979, John’s life was changed forever. John’s father was beating up his mother, and the 7-year-old John decided that he would do something to try and stop it.

He said that he ran into the bedroom his mother and father were in with a kitchen knife, but his father knocked him out before he was able to attack him.

After being taken into care, John found out that his mother had alerted the police and social services about the situation they were in.

John was adopted by Marianna and Eldridge Buultjens of the Kelvinside area of Glasgow.

John said that his love of BMX came after seeing Steven Spielberg’s E.T. aged 10. He said it was the first time he had seen a BMX bike.

After moving to Dundee in 1986, he became more involved in BMX, and says that to this day he still rides a kid’s bike.

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