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Separation Lawyers Glasgow, Coatbridge & Edinburgh

Often, couples will decide not to marry and will live together happily as partners. The couple may have children together or they may accumulate property.  They may own a home together.  They may go into business together.

The nature of a modern relationship is that people’s lives become entwined, not only on an emotional level, but on a financial one. This means that when people separate, there could be a great number of financial arrangements to be made and issues to resolve. Disputes can naturally arise as a result.

When it comes to disputes about the care of children following separation, our expert Family Law solicitors can help you. Please see our pages on Residence (custody) and Contact (access) for more information.

We can also assist you to make arrangements for financial matters following separation. If you own a property together, we can make arrangements for what is to happen to the property in the future. If title to the property is held in joint names, it is a basic principle of Scots law that where the owners are unmarried, either owner can force the sale of the property at any time. They would do so by way of a court action for Division and Sale. This is essentially asking the Court to make an order that the property is sold and the proceeds are split.  The person pursuing this Order can also ask the Courts to make arrangements for the sale proceeds to be split in a way that reflects the financial input of each owner.

If you are unsure how to resolve financial issues following separation, we can help. Our expert Family solicitors have a wealth of experience in negotiating agreements between separating couples on financial matters. We can assist you in formalising your arrangements in a Minute of Agreement. If it is not possible to reach agreement with your ex-partner, we will advise you on the appropriate action to raise at Court and will guide you through the process.

Whatever your circumstances, it is important that you get expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity following separation from your partner. In many cases, we can act on Legal Aid funding

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Our family law solicitors pride ourselves in providing high quality and cost-effective legal advice, and have a strong commitment to achieving positive results for our clients. We tailor solutions specifically to your requirements; delivering cutting-edge advice and skilful court representation where needed. Contact us now via our online contact form, or give us a call on 0141 404 6575 (Glasgow) or 0131 358 4231 (Edinburgh).

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